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Workplace Inspection Forms
for Your Unique Process helps you inspect your workplace for safety, compliance, and process optimization using tools that integrate seamlessly with your existing systems

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Flexible Offline Workplace Inspection Forms

Design custom workplace inspection forms with powerful, integrated management tools like task management, push notifications, and workflows.

Perform More Efficient and Accurate Workplace Safety Inspections

Anytime, Anywhere Inspections


  1. Get real-time updates when forms are submitted, then publish the results for your colleagues and site managers
  2. Offline forms automatically change based on predefined, custom logic to suit the inspector and location
  3. Capture, mark up, and embed photos within forms for clarity and reference
Robust Integration


  1. Your existing systems can “talk to” using our easy-to-integrate API
  2. seamlessly sends, receives, and coordinates tasks or data across disparate solutions
  3. Deloy your custom, offline-capable forms to iOS, Android, and Windows desktop users
Offline Functionality


  1. Inspectors sync the app at the start of their day, perform tasks offline, then re-sync and upload completed forms when connected again
  2. Display reference information within forms that display workplace safety standards and suggested corrections
  3. Critical data fields autocomplete even when offline, such as the inspector’s login info, location, time, and date
Trend Analysis


  1. Make informed decisions about workplace safety and inspection processes using deep-dive analytics
  2. Gathered data can aggregate in your own solution or a BI Dashboard that breaks results down into charts and graphs
  3. Keep a concrete, longitudinal record of workplace inspections that provides a top-level view of safety trends
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