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General Operational Audits

  • Offline functionality allows for audits to be done without an internet connection
  • Automated Action Plans can created as a whole document or individual tasks with due dates and criticality levels
  • Pictures can be embedded directly into sections of the form and drawn over with a finger, stylus, or mouse (desktop)
  • Time and date stamps, GPS location, and auditor/store/GM info can be automatically filled in

Food Safety Inspections

  • Pictures of violations can be embedded into sections of the form and drawn over for future training purposes
  • Field validation can keep inaccurate temperatures from being entered (e.g. 1000 degrees)
  • Forms can instantly alert user to failing criteria and provide corrective action or reference material
  • Appropriate personnel can receive instant alerts from failures

Brand Compliance Audits

  • Platform’s flexibility allows for quick creation of ad hoc forms and inspections
  • Pictures can be embedded directly into the form and drawn over to highlight violations
  • GPS location and time and date stamps provide authenticity
  • Allows for “bring your own device” for temps and outside agencies

Executive Dashboards

  • Plot locations on map and easily highlight performing and underperforming stores
  • Click and drag to drill down into datasets and individual inspections
  • Quickly understand if things are getting better or worse: by region, franchise group, management team, etc.
  • Track trends and forecast problems

About is a mobile forms software solution that replaces spreadsheets, paper, and clipboards, with tablets, smart phones, and dashboards.

Some of the World's most recognized companies choose to handle their critical Asset Inspections, Process Audits, and Outside-the-Office Operations. solutions are easily adopted by the workforce, customized for your unique processes and workflows, and fully integrated into your existing technology infrastructure.

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