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Keep Processes Compliant
Using Warehouse Safety Inspections

Collect safety and efficiency data to comply with regulations and improve processes across your organization

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Monitor Safety Across the Globe with Warehouse Inspection Forms

Highlight issues and optimize inefficient processes anywhere in the world using cloud-enabled offline inspection software

Refine Your Warehouse Safety Program and Optimize Your Processes

Thorough Safety Inspections


  1. Gather deeper data across any number of warehouse locations by deploying intelligent, logic-based mobile forms
  2. Use task management tools to define when, how, and by whom inspections are completed by tracking login info, GPS data, and timestamps
  3. Keep regulations and standards clear by providing instructions and contextual info in forms, such as suggested corrections
Easy Integration


  1. Any systems you already use, like a CRM or inventory software, can integrate seamlessly with’s API
  2. iOS, Android, and Windows desktop users can access, fill, and complete forms even while offline
  3. Create cross-channel workflows that “talk” with third-party apps to launch tasks and update all your data in real time
Cloud-Based and Offline


  1. Safety inspectors sync once at the beginning of their day, inspect offline, then re-sync and publish reports once they connect again
  2. Inspectors can use their mobile devices to capture photos, mark them up or add notes, and include them with forms
  3. Core info, such as name, location, and task, prefills automatically even while offline, keeping results accurate and error-free
Process Optimization and Trends


  1. Use your data to make top-level decisions and understand which processes, locations, and employees are getting better or worse
  2. Analyze overall safety and compliance using’s BI Dashboards that visualize your results with graphs and charts
  3. Monitor every part of your organization from a central interface where you can manage, review, and analyze data
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