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Use cases

  • Supermarket distributors: ensuring quality and value

    When a non-food distributor for Supermarkets needed a way to streamline merchandising operations for 350 in-store auditors, they approached WorldApp for help. The result? A fully automated digital process complete with the ability to upload and share photos.

  • Field solutions

    Organizations with field employees can get a real-time look at what's happening away from the office using Form.com. With mobile offline capabilities, and built-in workflows for approval routing, Form.com saves time by eliminates double entries and the need for paper and email attachments.

  • Restaurants: logistics, assignments, and reports

    Restaurant inspections can be a very paper-heavy, manual process. Inspectors need to quickly report scores, assign tasks, identify problems, and initiate action plans. With Form.com, this can be done faster than ever. See how they do it in this video.

  • Electronic retail audit

    This video shows how companies are replacing paper-based auditing systems with Form.com's electronic solutions to monitor inventory and shelf placement while providing ratings for displays, racks, and product conditions.

  • Remote location inspections: the oil sands of Canada

    What happens you're collecting inspection data while working ten hours from civilization...without Internet access? See how Form.com helped inspectors of The Oil Sands of Canada streamline operations using our offline data capture feature.

  • Building inspections

    Building inspections are a process-heavy undertaking. Form.com helps you manage these processes, providing mobile offline tools to streamline tasks and assignments. Get the details in this quick video.

  • Transit solutions

    See how Form.com simplified the process of managing and performing transit inspections and train safety checks. Inspectors use our software to conduct regular reviews, upload photo evidence and backup, and score performance - even while offline.

  • Insurance field reps: automating ops to improve speed and accuracy

    Insurance reps in the field are always looking for ways to simplify and speed-up the sales process. With Form.com, field reps are empowered with tools to automate their operations, improving speed and accuracy at every stage of the game.

  • Data management

    Looking to ditch the clipboards and stacks of paper and arm your field with a smarter, more efficient way of managing data from the road? In this video, you'll learn how Form.com lets teams fulfill work orders from the jobsite, and even process data outdoors and in remote locations without Internet access.


  • Mobile & offline inspections

    Mobile technologies can streamline inspections and deliver accurate, more reliable data. But what if you're working somewhere with spotty Internet access, or even none at all? This video details how Form.com's offline mobile solutions help companies work faster and more organized than ever - from wherever they are.

  • Mobile enterprise: improving processes for tiered organizations

    In this short video, you'll learn how tiered organizations and enterprises can use Form.com's mobile data collection and task assignment platform to create inspection processes (even while offline) that can be accessed by field users.

  • The benefits of mobile forms

    In this 1 minute video, you'll learn why mobile forms are not only faster, but also more efficient and accurate than paper ones. Accessible anytime and anywhere, mobile forms are easier to work with and more likely to be completed correctly.

  • Form automation: eliminate manual entries & extra steps

    Is there anything more time consuming than fumbling with excel spreadsheets and mail merges? This video outlines how Form.com eliminates manual spreadsheet entries and cuts out the extra steps so users can dedicate more time and energy to the aspects of their job that matter most.

  • Automating processes with workflows

    Form.com helps you create and implement automated field solutions that are fully tailored to the job they're trying to do. See how our data workflow solutions let you collect data in the field - even while offline - that can be used to trigger a pre-dertermined workflow and/or task management process.

  • Working without wireless

    Whether you're working in a remote location miles away from Internet access or in a factory where coverage is spotty at best, Form.com's offline mobile solutions are always up, always available, and always ready to integrate with your back end systems. See how they work in this quick video.

  • Telling stories with data

    Form.com's business intelligence dashboards let users aggregate and present data in a way that tells a story. Our dashboards present information in an easy-to-consume and understand fashion, helping stakeholders make smarter data-driven decisions.

Software add-ons—Plugins

  • Never enter information twice

    The Remote Data Sender plugin makes sure you'll never have to enter the same information twice. In this video, you'll learn how information captured from a form is automatically passed to your systems and third party software, making sure your data is always accurate and up-to-date.

  • Inspection scoring

    Perfect for mobile audits, compliance, and scored assessments, Form.com's Scoring Plugin automates the process of scoring collected data. Whether grading numerically, or with a Pass/Fail or star rating, Form.com provides instant, accurate reads so you spend less time processing data and more time working.

  • Location-based Restrictions

    Ensure the right forms go to the right people. With Form.com's IP Address Saver and Google Map Integration plugins, you can control form access based on a user's location, and even view their location on a map. Watch this video to learn more.

  • Time & date restrictions

    Learn how Form.com's IP Address Access Restriction plugin can allow or prohibit access based on a range of ip addresses, and also restrict form availability based on specific hours or days.

  • Smart segmentation

    See how Form.com's conditional logic lets you segment audiences by behavioral data. So instead of creating different forms for different prospects, you create one form and restrict certain content and landing pages to those who need it.

  • Working with workflows

    Perhaps the most vital aspect to a webform is what happens to the information after the form is submitted. In this video, you'll learn how Form.com's workflow plugin automates the entire data submision, review, and processing flow.


  • Why spreadsheets are dying and killing your operations

    Learn why spreadhseets are dying and killing your operations at the same time. The good news? There's a better way. Form.com eliminates the spreadsheet, cutting out the manual work so you can spend time on tasks that matter most.

  • Work Smarter with Form.com

    Form.com helps great companies run better, with smarter data collection solutions, automated workflows, and seamless integrations that bring intelligence to processes, efficiency to operations, and technology to people.

  • The Form.com sizzle reel

    This snappy sizzle reel captures the most vivid highlights of the Form.com platform, showcasing capabilities, use cases, and functionality in a fun and informative fashion. Find your way with Form.com!

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