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Use cases

  • Supermarket distributors: ensuring quality and value

    Form.com helped a supermarket distributor streamline merchandising operations for 350 in-store auditors by providing a fully automated process.

  • Field solutions

    With mobile offline capabilities, and built-in workflows for approval routing, Form.com saves time by eliminating double entries and the need for paper and email attachments.

  • Restaurants: logistics, assignments, and reports

    Restaurant inspectors need to quickly report scores, assign tasks, identify problems, and initiate action plans. With Form.com, this can be done faster than ever.

  • Electronic retail audit

    Companies are replacing paper-based auditing systems with Form.com to monitor inventory and shelf placement while providing ratings for displays, racks, and product conditions.

  • Remote location inspections

    See how Form.com helps remote workers streamline inspections using our offline data capture.

  • Building inspections

    Form.com helps you manage building inspections, providing mobile offline tools to streamline tasks and assignments.

  • Transit solutions

    Transit inspectors use our software to conduct regular reviews, upload photo evidence and backup, and score performance — even while offline.

  • Insurance field reps: automating ops to improve speed and accuracy

    Form.com empowers insurance field reps to automate their operations, improving speed and accuracy at every stage of the game.

  • Data management

    Learn how Form.com helps teams fulfill work orders from any job site and even process data in remote locations without Internet access.


  • Mobile & offline inspections

    Form.com's offline mobile solutions help inspectors work more accurately and reliably from wherever they are.

  • Mobile enterprise: improving processes for tiered organizations

    Form.com's mobile data collection and task assignment platform creates inspection processes that can be accessed by field users even while offline.

  • The benefits of mobile forms

    In just one minute, learn why mobile forms are faster and more accurate than paper ones.

  • Form automation: eliminate manual entries & extra steps

    Form.com eliminates manual spreadsheet entries and cuts out the extra steps so that users can focus on more important tasks.

  • Automating processes with workflows

    See how our data workflow helps you create and implement automated field solutions that fully adapt to the job at hand.

  • Working without wireless

    Form.com's offline mobile solutions are always available and ready to integrate with your back-end systems.

  • Telling stories with data

    Our dashboards present easy-to-understand information helping stakeholders make smarter, data-driven decisions.

Software plugins

  • Never enter the same information twice

    The Remote Data Sender plugin makes sure the information captured from a form is automatically passed to your systems and third-party software.

  • Inspection scoring

    Form.com’s Scoring Plugin automates the process of scoring collected data so you spend less time processing data and more time working.

  • Location-based Restrictions

    With Form.com's IP Address Saver and Google Map Integration plugins, you can control form access based on a user's location and even view their location on a map.

  • Time & date restrictions

    Learn how Form.com's IP Address Access Restriction plugin can allow or prohibit access based on a range of IP addresses and also restrict form availability based on specific hours or days.

  • Smart segmentation

    Segment audiences by behavioral data to create forms that show specific content and landing pages only to those who need it.

  • Working with workflows

    See how Form.com's workflow plugin automates the entire operation of data submission, review, and processing.


  • Why spreadsheets are dying and killing your operations

    Form.com eliminates the spreadsheet, cutting out manual work so you can spend time on the tasks that matter most.

  • Work Smarter with Form.com

    Form.com helps great companies run better with smarter data collection solutions, automated workflows, and seamless integrations.

  • The Form.com sizzle reel

    See the most vivid highlights of the Form.com platform’s capabilities, features, and use cases. Find your way with Form.com!