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Offline Platform for Vehicle
Safety Inspection

Deploy smart vehicle inspection forms to your workforce on a mobile platform designed to work offline

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Optimize and Expedite Motor Vehicle Inspections

Kickstart action plans and assign individual tasks automatically using custom triggers based on specific responses

Design Custom Vehicle Inspection Forms for Your Unique Needs

Automatic Checklists


  1. Autofill info like time and data, user login, and vehicle location even when offline
  2. Route vehicle inspectors through questions based on context while hiding irrelevant ones
  3. Display pass/fail requirements and recommended repairs within forms
Offline Data Entry


  1. Prepare your forms to travel offline using a mobile app for Android, iOS, and Windows PC
  2. Capture images, mark them up, and embed them in forms for reference and clarity
  3. Location, login, and user info can autocomplete data fields based on custom logic even while offline
Process Optimization


  1. Define inspection workflows that replace, automate, and expedite paper-based processes
  2. Gather and evaluate process info with trends that show where operations are efficient and where they could be streamlined
  3. Automate approval processes, trigger follow-up inspections, and initiate action plans automatically
Analysis and Measurement


  1. Keep tabs on specific vehicles or entire fleets by using powerful real-time management tools
  2. Put your data to work using your own third-party solution or BI Dashboards
  3. Underscore areas to improve and distribute inspection outcomes throughout your company or to specific contacts
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