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Powerful Task Management Solutions for Your Field Operations

Complete tasks directly from your smart device—with or without an internet connection. Using a mobile app or online portal, employees can access personal and team tasks and complete or assign them from anywhere. By integrating with your current IT infrastructure, Form.com can improve communication and ensure continuous improvement in your operations.

Form.com Task Management software overview video

  1. Log in and manage tasks with one username and password using single sign-on
  2. Import data tables to incorporate location information, historical data, scoring, and more into your tasks
  3. Prefill forms and populate the Contact Manager with imported contact information
  4. Route completed responses to your own backend database or business intelligence dashboard with bi-directional integration
Roles and Permissions

  1. Create and assign user roles and groups for faster task assignment and organization
  2. Assign tasks only to particular individuals, groups, or divisions
  3. Establish rights and permissions to grant users access and editing abilities for assigned tasks
  4. Manage deadlines and statuses and re-assign tasks
Mobile and Offline

  1. Access tasks using Android and iOS devices or via a Windows desktop application
  2. Tasks can be completed even without an internet connection
  3. Auto-sync functionality instantly uploads data when an internet connection is established
  4. View and manage job-related tasks and events as they are happening in the field

  1. Trigger email alerts and schedule subsequent inspections automatically
  2. Add forms to tasks to collect valuable data
  3. Assign follow-up tasks in response to specific task or form results
  4. Track, monitor, and manage statuses and task execution
See Form.com in action

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