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Improve Visibility
Using Store Audit Software

Drive sales, improve in-store efficiency, and analyze trends using digital store audits using store audit software

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Gather Deeper Data with Digital Store Audit Forms provides custom retail forms and analytics that work alongside your current infrastructure for bi-directional integration

Increase Speed, Efficiency, and Transparency with a Store Inspection App

Audit Visibility


  1. Collect store audit data in real time and automatically launch follow-up tasks from user responses
  2. Upload files, attach notes, and embed images directly within forms
  3. Prompt users with reference info and on-the-spot corrections based on their previous input
In-Store Automation


  1. Automate data collection using in-form logic that guides users through each audit and task
  2. Prefill data and autodetect info like time, date, user login, and store location
  3. Completed forms automatically send alerts, publish reports, and populate analysis tools
Task Management and Workflow


  1. Create workflows that initiate approval processes and action plans based on predefined triggers
  2. Manage user activity from a central portal where auditors can view, complete, and review tasks
  3. Monitor task completion and modify user permissions from an admin-level interface
Insight and Trend Analysis


  1. Automatically aggregate data in analysis tools and review trends over time by location, process, and more
  2. Create charts, maps, and graphs with BI Dashboards and share them with your contacts
  3. Benchmark your stores and use deep-dive analytics to highlight underperforming locations
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