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Upgrade from Spreadsheets with Software for Forms takes your paper forms and spreadsheets and transforms them into flexible tools for gathering data, analyzing trends, and making data-driven decisions. Electronic Retail Audits overview video

Develop Forms for Your Brand on a Powerful Form Creator Tool

Robust Form Creator

  1. Choose from standard options or personalize the form's logic, look, and add-ons
  2. Use a branded label package with your unique assets and present it as a proprietary platform
  3. Effortlessly develop, modify, and publish a variety of forms with reference info that appears based on the context
Mobile and Offline Forms

  1. Empower your forms with a mobile app for Android, iOS, and Windows desktop
  2. Images can be taken using a device’s camera, marked up, and included with submitted forms
  3. Timestamps, login, and location info can pre-populate data fields even while offline
Field Audit App

  1. Define workflows and individual tasks that automatically assign employees based on completed forms
  2. Create triggers that send email alerts and schedule follow-up tasks with deadlines and priority levels
  3. Track incident reports, follow-up actions, and task execution from beginning to end
Automated Data Collection

  1. Collect, communicate, and retrieve data with unique forms and customizable workflows that work offline
  2. Send alerts, assign follow-up tasks, and initiate escalations based on specific responses or conditions
  3. Automatically send notifications and collected data as soon as the device is connected again
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