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Improve In-Store Oversight with
Shop Floor Inspection Software

Drive continuous improvement using configurable forms and task management tools on a powerful mobile app

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Integrated Shop Floor Data Collection System

Create your own shop floor inspection forms and integrate them with the systems you already use with’s flexible API

Drive Sales, Improve Efficiency, and Ensure Compliance on a Mobile Platform

Shop Floor Visibility


  1. Automatically launch follow-up actions and approval processes based on specific responses
  2. Send files, add notes, and upload images within forms
  3. Prompt users with in-app feedback, including reference data and suggested next steps
Custom Forms and Workflows


  1. Create purpose-built forms for each task that adapt to the user, location, and process
  2. Autofill data fields with timestamps, date, login info, GPS coordinates, and previous responses
  3. Trigger notifications, assign follow-up tasks, and start approval processes based on completed forms
Intuitive Management Tools


  1. Manage task execution and instantly publish completed forms to a predefined contacts list
  2. Assign inspections and follow-up actions using a user portal with your own brand’s look and feel
  3. Customize workflows that launch tasks and show or hide questions based on the context
Actionable Data Analysis


  1. Power your own third-party analysis tools or use’s configurable BI Dashboards
  2. Visualize trends over time and populate maps, charts, graphs, and diagrams with inspection data
  3. Measure locations against regional and global benchmarks and highlight underperforming stores
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