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Safety Inspection Software for the Enterprise

Form.com provides extensive integration with your existing systems through our cloud-based mobile platform to ensure safety and compliance.

Safety Inspection Software overview video

Inspect for Environmental, Health, Safety Compliance on a Mobile App

Worksite Inspections
  1. Identify, correct, and prevent safety issues with custom forms on your mobile device
  2. Launch follow-up tasks, approval processes, and escalations based on custom operational guidelines
  3. Gather deeper data from worksites even when completely offline
  1. Customize workflows, notifications, and in-form reference data to suit your unique process and standards
  2. Quickly issue tasks and action plans, then track their progress through a central UI
  3. Use custom logic to provide next steps for on-the-spot corrective actions and initiate follow-up tasks
Deep Integration
  1. Integrate with your current software using a robust developer’s API toolkit
  2. Customize bi-directional integration to send and receive tasks, notifications, and data across all your systems
  3. Sync, review, and perform inspections while totally offline on iOS, Android, or Windows mobile devices
Custom Dashboards
  1. Identify and visualize results from sites, processes, and assets using Form.com’s BI Dashboards
  2. Keep safety inspections accountable by tracking where, when, and by whom they were completed
  3. Compare individual work sites against local and regional numbers, then use your data to drive continuous improvement
Ensure Safety with Better Mobile Inspections - Form.com
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