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Mobile and Offline Safety Inspection Software

Easily conduct thorough safety inspections on smart devices — with or without an Internet connection. Form.com integrates our mobile inspection app, cloud-based platform, and BI dashboards with your existing IT infrastructure to make continuous improvements and ensure compliance.

Safety Inspection Software overview video
Asset Inspections

Easy-to- use mobile forms to better inspect equipment, facilities, and more, with the tools to identify and fix issues quickly.

  1. Integrate with existing management systems to prepopulate safety audit forms
  2. Forms adjust to who you are, where you are, and what you’re doing
  3. Take and place pictures into forms, then mark them up on your device
  4. Embed reference information in forms for clarity and understanding
Process Audits

Quickly measure observed behaviors against predetermined safety, procedural, and operational standards, and instantly create action plans to remediate issues.

  1. Offline functionality enables audits even in areas with no Internet
  2. Auto-fill time and date stamps, GPS coordinates, and user login info
  3. Highlight performing/underperforming locations with BI Dashboards
  4. Publish action plans or single tasks with due dates and criticality levels
Site Visits

Check up on locations to improve procedures and guarantee proper execution.

  1. Use smart phones or tablets to replace paper-based inspections
  2. Automate calculations, scoring, and recommended actions
  3. Show compliance regulations and recommended actions for specific scenarios
  4. Set up workflow procedures can that trigger follow-up tasks and instantly alert appropriate parties upon form completion
Incident Reports

Manage health and safety violations with standardized incident reporting.

  1. Automatically route reports to the right people, in and outside the company
  2. Generate remediation procedures for each violation at the end of inspections
  3. Instantly aggregate data to a BI dashboard or your current solution for faster analysis
  4. Track trends over time to improve adherence to regulatory compliance measures
Ensure Safety with Better Mobile Inspections - Form.com
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