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Root Cause Analysis Forms
for Safety and Quality

Power robust analysis tools and BI Dashboards using safety and quality data from every part of your enterprise

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Understand Your Data with Root Cause Analysis Software

Chart the course of data flow from initial collection to final follow-up using top-level analysis tools

Make Data-Driven Decisions with Deeper Analysis

Deeper Data Collection


  1. Collect better data across your enterprise with intelligent forms that adapt to the task, user, and location
  2. Use task management and workflow functionality to assign where, when, and by whom analysis is conducted
  3. Make your standards visible by displaying clear instructions and contextual info in forms, such pass/fail conditions and recommended actions
Total Integration


  1.’s API can integrate with all your other systems and trigger actions across multiple channels at once
  2. The device-agnostic interface can adapt to any viewport, including iOS, Android, and Windows desktop devices
  3. Bi-directional workflows communicate with your existing apps and launch tasks, send alerts, and update data models in real time
Offline-Optimized Forms


  1. Deploy a custom analysis solution, sync with your users before they go offline, then review their findings when they connect again
  2. Guide analysis initiatives with bi-directional workflows, pre-defined logic, and in-form supplements that keep working offline
  3. Stay on track with intelligent forms that offer on-the-spot corrections and shape question flow based on responses
Robust Hosting Options


  1. Control your sensitive data and analysis by hosting your own on-premise server or using the secure cloud
  2. Keep access to your data limited with powerful user permissions features that let you determine who has access to your analysis
  3. Define your own user sub-levels to restrict access based on account type and monitor individual user activity
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