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Online and Mobile Risk-Based
Inspection Software

Manage risk and reliability with an adaptable, flexible platform with integrated workflows, task management, and advanced offline functionality

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Understand Your Data with Risk-Based Assessment Software

Gather more precise data and accurate analytics with intelligent mobile forms that automatically aggregate RBI results

Assess Failure Probability and EHS Compliance with Adaptable Mobile Forms

Intelligent Data Collection


  1. Improve the precision and accuracy of RBI outcomes
  2. Create dynamic forms that adapt to each user, task, and location
  3. Display reference materials and prompt on-the-spot corrections with in-app feedback
Deep Integration


  1. Integrate with your existing IT infrastructure using the flexible API
  2. Deploy the mobile app to users on Android, iOS, and Windows devices
  3. Launch actions and trigger events in other systems through and vice-versa
Advanced Offline App


  1. Collect data, automate calculations, obtain scores, and generate next steps while totally offline
  2. Lock in triggers for workflows, new forms, and follow-up tasks that launch once reconnected
  3. Sync your app at the beginning of the day, perform tasks offline, then re-sync when connected again
Data Aggregation and Analytics


  1. Analyze trending issues and track maintenance progress from the first RBI to final repairs or replacement
  2. Use built-in reporting to analyze and understand risk and reliability over time
  3. Automatically generate reports and send them to the responsible parties as soon as a form is completed
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