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Intelligent Forms Software for Retail Audits

Easily conduct thorough retail audits on any smart device with or without an Internet connection. Form.com integrates our mobile inspection app, cloud-based platform, and business intelligence dashboards with your existing IT infrastructure to help you understand exactly what’s happening right now, everywhere.

Forms Software for Retail Audits overview video

In-Store Improvement

Improve your in-store visibility and merchandising with an app designed to collect and utilize field data.

  1. Offline functionality allows auditors to complete forms even without an internet connection
  2. Take pictures directly from your forms and mark up images with notes and comments
  3. Include reference information in the forms for auditors to consult and compare against
  4. Generate action plans at the end of an audit as whole documents or as individual tasks with due dates and criticality levels

Forms Automation

Speed up your audits with automated form features that save time and eliminate paper processing.

  1. Imported data tables allow forms to change dynamically based on who you are, where you are, and what you’re doing
  2. Forms automatically fill in time and date stamps, GPS location, and auditor/store info
  3. Certain responses can add follow-up questions or hide questions that are no longer applicable
  4. Submitted forms trigger email alerts, notifications, and follow-up tasks

Workflow and Task Management

Improve field-to-office communication with customized workflows that change the way your forms, data, and teams collaborate.

  1. Create actions and workflows that launch based on completed responses
  2. Trigger email alerts and schedule subsequent inspections automatically
  3. Assign follow-up tasks in response to certain audit results
  4. Track, monitor, and manage statuses and task execution

Insight and Trend Analysis

Get insight into your day-to-day operations without waiting months to see the results of new initiatives.

  1. See collected information faster with instant data aggregation after forms are submitted
  2. Plot locations on dashboard maps and easily highlight performing and under-performing locations
  3. Click and drag to drill down into data sets and individual audits
  4. Track trends and forecast problems
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