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Boost Sales with
Improved In-Store Visibility

Drive impactful merchandising changes by leveraging real-time insight in your day-to-day audits

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Intelligent Forms Software for Retail Audits provides custom retail forms and analytics that work alongside your current infrastructure for bi-directional integration

Perform Thorough Store Audits on a Platform for Mobile Devices

In-Store Improvement


  1. Offline functionality allows auditors to complete forms even without an internet connection
  2. Take pictures directly from your forms and mark up images with notes and comments
  3. Include reference information in the forms for auditors to consult and compare against
Forms Automation


  1. Improve your in-store visibility with an app designed to automate data collection in the field
  2. Forms automatically prefill data like timestamps, login info, GPS coordinates, and store info
  3. Submitted forms trigger email alerts, notifications, and follow-up tasks
Workflow and Task Management


  1. Gather, send, and receive forms and deploy custom workflows that work offline
  2. Send alerts, assign follow-up audits, and manage escalations based on specific triggers and responses
  3. Manage location audits, monitor task execution, and analyze store trends
Insight and Trend Analysis


  1. See collected information faster with instant data aggregation after forms are submitted
  2. Visualize data with maps, charts, and graphs in BI Dashboards
  3. Click, drag, and drop data to measure results and assess individual audits
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