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Form.com is a mobile forms solution designed for large and growing organizations. With larger organizations there is always a fair amount of complexity and often a significant number of unique requirements that must be met to satisfy particular needs.

Some of these requirements may be smaller tweaks, even cosmetic, while others may require significant implementation resources and collaboration between WorldAPP’s technical team an organization’s IT group.

This “needs gap” means that “ballpark estimates” will always be depend on what we find out as a result of an exploratory conversation with you and not in advance of it.

For example, a critical variable is whether your organization intends to host the solution on your own servers or go with a standardized SaaS model? How many users will there be? We have clients with a field force ranging from as few as 50 users up to ten thousand. Do you need offline capabilities? Do you need the solution to integrate with your back-end systems?

These, and a host of other questions, are usually covered in a preliminary conversation with one of our sales engineers. After this, we can usually give you a “most likely” cost estimate based on the facts gathered this far.

If this estimate looks like it will work within your budget and timeframe, next steps usually involve a demo and rapidly following that - a POC (proof of concept) will be provided to your executive team for your evaluation.

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