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Online and Offline
Regulatory Compliance Software

Use’s offline-first mobile app to improve regulatory compliance across your entire organization with cloud-powered accuracy and accountability

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Intelligent Regulatory Compliance Forms

Create forms that intuitively adapt to each process and response. Custom in-form logic guides users step-by-step, prompting on-the-spot corrections and contextual feedback

Easier, Smarter, and Faster Regulatory Compliance Processes

Custom Compliance Forms


  1. Upgrade from paper-based forms to a highly configurable mobile platform
  2. Send notifications, assign tasks, and kick off approval processes automatically
  3. Oversee compliance, manage audits, and review results from a centralized interface
Offline-First Mobile App


  1. Audit for regulatory compliance across the enterprise using an offline app for mobile devices
  2. Attach and mark up images of violations, embed files, and add contextual notes
  3. Autofill and prefill data based on previous user input and offline data models
Custom Logic and Workflows


  1. Define custom logic that shows or hides questions and intelligently routes users through each form
  2. Trigger workflows based on predefined conditions like failed inspections or specific responses
  3. Display in-form prompts with compliance standards, next steps, and corrective actions
Built-In Reporting


  1. Instantly aggregate data and use form results to populate built-in reporting features
  2. Visualize audit results over time as charts, graphs, and maps with analytics
  3. Highlight issues within your organization and distribute your findings to the right people in and outside the company