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Mobile Quality
Inspection Software’s platform can replace any manual quality control process with a thorough, efficient, and reliable mobile app that works even when you go offline

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Customize Quality Control Inspection Forms for Your Unique Process gives you the top-level clarity and real-time oversight to initiate quick course correction and prevent quality issues before they escalate Inspection Video Tour v.2

Oversee Quality Processes from Beginning to End

Process Audit


  1. Automatically launch notifications, follow up actions, and escalation procedures based on your standards
  2. Display quality process guides and standards within forms for clarity and understanding
  3. Real-time alerts and automated workflow cut down on time-to-decision and accelerate corrective action
Compliance Inspection


  1. Track which employees and locations are failing or meeting compliance standards
  2. Inspect facilities, products, and behavior to ensure regulatory and quality procedures are followed
  3. Optimize QC tracking, root cause analysis, and hold procedures with an app for mobile devices
Mobile Inspection


  1. Monitor locations, launch inspections, and initiate facility-specific actions from anywhere
  2. Configure data models so that only relevant fields will appear and pre-populate forms
  3. Publish inspection results for approval automatically, or store them for future publication while offline
Audit Reports


  1. Aggregate reports into a custom BI dashboard or your own third-party solution for deeper insight
  2. Speed up approval processes, trigger follow-up tasks, and share audit reports automatically
  3. Offline functionality enables audits even in areas without an internet connection
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