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Offline Data
Entry Software Platform allows you to create your own integrated solution for data capture, collaboration, and longitudinal analysis

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Responsive Paperless Forms for Any Industry

Optimize your manual operations using flexible, mobile forms that adapt to every task, location, user, and response in real time

Cloud-Based and Offline Supplier Audit Software

Develop Paperless Forms that Suit Your Unique Requirements

Point-and-Click Builder


  1. Intuitively design, modify, and deploy unlimited forms that adapt to each task, user, and process
  2. Customize forms with specific operational requirements, regulatory stands, and brand look-and-feel
  3. Choose from templates and pre-made questions or tweak the presentation, logic, and plug-ins for each form
Offline Paperless App


  1. Migrate your paper forms to a mobile app for Android, iOS, and Windows desktop
  2. Store, embed, and mark up images within individual forms
  3. Timestamps, login, and location info can pre-populate data fields even while offline
Workflows and Automation


  1. Speed up the data collection process with configurable, automated workflows that work offline
  2. Set up triggers, alerts, and automatic task assignment based on predefined user input
  3. Assess process efficiency using analytics that underscore which operations aren’t meeting expectations
Data Aggregation


  1. Oversee individual processes from beginning to end and see results in real time
  2. Quickly review aggregated reports in’s BI dashboards
  3. Highlight weak points that need improvement and send or export your findings to a contacts list
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