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Mobile OSHA

Implement and oversee compliance with OSHA regulations using a cloud-based platform.

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OSHA Inspections Process Solution integrates seamlessly with your current OSHA compliance inspections to ensure regulatory oversight, optimize reporting processes, and accelerate corrective actions. Electronic Retail Audits overview video

Automate OSHA Inspections

Cloud-based mobile forms gather inspection data in a unified interface for easy access

  1. Keep forms relevant to each inspection by filtering based on location, job, and user data.
  2. Upload annotated media files of observable issues for reference and clarity
  3. Share reports with the right people automatically, in and outside the company

Platform developed for field mobility works without an internet connection

  1. Offline design enables inspections even on locations without Internet.
  2. Automate calculations, prefill forms, and generate corrective actions in the field.
  3. Configure feedback that displays remediation procedures for each issue upon form validation.

Device-agnostic interface compatible with iPad, Android, and Windows

  1. Replace paper-based inspections with an app for smart devices
  2. Maintain inspection accountability using mobile-enabled GPS and automated timestamps
  3. Assign follow-up tasks via the mobile interface based on custom parameters and logic

Oversee inspection processes and ensure compliance with top-level task management

  1. Accelerate approval processes, trigger follow-up tasks, and improve adherence to regulatory standards
  2. Real-time alerts and automated workflow lowers the response time to noncompliance
  3. Review completed inspections with business intelligence tools for operational oversight
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