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MSHA Inspections
for Mobile Devices provides an inspection toolkit to identify, fix, and prevent MSHA compliance issues anywhere in your organization

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Create Unique MSHA Inspection Forms

Develop forms that meet your organization’s specific safety, regulatory, and operational requirements

Dig Deeper for Accurate Data in Your MSHA Inspections

Safety Inspection


  1. Gather reliable data from anywhere in your enterprise by deploying mobile forms to your workforce
  2. Customize MSHA forms with unique workflows, logic, and appearance
  3. Automatically generate follow-up tasks, schedule repairs, and generate action plans based on inspection results
Offline Data Collection


  1. Take photos of observable safety or compliance issues and mark them up
  2. Collected data and forms are stored locally on the device for extended periods below ground
  3. Inspectors’ devices sync before they go offline and upload their completed forms once they’re online again
Automated Management Tools


  1. Understand where and when and by whom data was collected with GPS tracking, date and timestamps, and pre-filled login info
  2. Offline forms can automatically fill or autocomplete data fields, follow workflows, and display corrective actions on the spot
  3. Start approval processes automatically with workflows that integrate with and “talk to” your other systems
Aggregation & Analysis


  1. Inspections can populate your own BI solution or a Dashboard that visualizes trends over time
  2. Achieve a top-level perspective of your entire enterprise using an intuitive admin interface
  3. Respond to issues and launch data-driven initiatives based on up-to-the-minute reports and trends
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