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Intelligent Mobile Forms Software

Easily collect data directly from your smart device—with or without an internet connection. Form.com integrates our data collection app, Windows desktop application, and business intelligence dashboards with your IT infrastructure to continuously improve your operations.

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Form Intelligence

Forms change dynamically based on who you are, where you are, and what you’re doing.

  1. Data tables can create logical question sequences, narrowing down answer options to make the finding the correct response easier
  2. Customized scoring systems measure if your team is meeting or exceeding expected standards
  3. Pictures can be embedded directly into forms and drawn over to highlight issues
  4. Embed reference information into forms to ensure clarity and understanding

Site Visits

Check up on locations to improve procedures and guarantee proper execution.

  1. Automate login, location (GPS), and time stamp information
  2. Show compliance regulations and recommended actions for specific scenarios
  3. Capture digital signatures by drawing directly onto your smartphone or tablet
  4. Perform offline data entry with tablet forms that can be completed even without an internet connection


Information from completed responses can trigger actions and workflows, including approval processes.

  1. Create actions and workflows that can be launched based on completed responses
  2. Trigger email alerts and schedule subsequent inspections automatically
  3. Assign follow-up tasks in response to certain responses or results
  4. Track, monitor, and manage statuses and task execution


Integrate Form.com with your IT systems to create a flexible solution that fits your current infrastructure and can capitalize on existing data.

  1. Establish rights and permissions to grant users access and editing abilities for certain forms
  2. Import data tables and contact information to prefill forms and populate the Contact Manager
  3. Make changes to forms, contacts, and workflows without the hassle of outdated organizational systems
  4. Route completed responses to your own backend database or business intelligence dashboard with bi-directional integration

Build Your Mobile, Online, and Offline Solution

Form.com’s mobile forms app is available on iPhone, iPad, and Android smart devices, with a desktop application for Windows.

mobile app and dynamic content

Dynamic content and form logic

Forms can dynamically adjust to who you are, where you are, and what you’re doing.
file embedding in forms

Photos, markups and file embedding

Embed files into your forms, take pictures from the app, and mark up images with notes and comments.
form app with scanning technology

Data tables and scanning technology

Form.com can import data tables, scan barcodes and QR codes, and is NFC tag compatible.
GPS location and time stamps

GPS location, time stamps, and signature capture

Forms can capture GPS, time, and date stamps, and allow users to sign directly onto their smart device.
Scoring and calculations

Scoring and calculations

Create custom scoring systems that can be calculated based on form responses: across the whole form or within individual sections.
Multi-step workflow

Multi-step workflow and alerts

Submitted forms can trigger email alerts, notifications, and follow-up tasks.
task assignment

Follow-up actions and task assignment

Assign tasks and control user editing rights, then set up follow-up actions for further task assignment.

API's and integration

Integrate our mobile app and cloud-based platform with your existing IT systems.
Reports and dashboards

Reports and dashboards

Get new insight into your operations with interactive BI Reporting Dashboards.

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