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Offline Mining
Inspection Software

Monitor mining safety and optimize asset utilization with an inspection platform that works offline

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Streamline Your Manual Processes with a Safety Audit App

Identify, correct, and prevent issues whether you’re topside or 5,000 feet below ground Inspection Video Tour v.2

Drive Mine Safety and Compliance Using a Cloud-Powered Mobile App

  1. Cite, prevent, and follow up on issues using intelligent forms and custom workflows
  2. Send notifications, assign follow-up tasks, and start escalations automatically
  3. Manage issue resolution and understand if safety issues are isolated or widespread
  1. Critical data such as date and timestamps, user login, and mine info can prefill within forms even when offline
  2. Embed reference information within forms to ensure clarity and prompt instant remediation
  3. Stop and save incomplete forms for later edits and submission
  1. Streamline inspections by displaying regulations within forms and creating tasks automatically
  2. Real-time alerts and automated workflows speed up CAPAs and keep miners safe
  3. Dig deeper into completed inspections using a BI Dashboard
  1. Integrate with existing asset management systems to pre-populate forms
  2. Measure individual mines, assets, or processes against local and regional numbers
  3. Automate inspection schedules and assign specific tasks with due dates and priority levels
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