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  • Pipeline inspection solution
  • Oil and gas inspections
  • Software for inspecting pipes and stations

Improve Safety and Quality with Integrated Mobile Forms Software

Perform manufacturing audits and inspections with flexible, customizable mobile forms that allow you to work anywhere, even while offline

Online and Mobile-Offline Manufacturing Inspections provides flexibility, integration, and robust customization on a unified platform designed for quality control, process optimization, and deep analysis - Manufacturing Companies

Design, Manage, and Deploy Manufacturing Forms

  • Track nonconformance trends and compare quality over time, by location, or on a case-by-case basis
  • Quickly respond to nonconformance with automated workflows and task management
  • Forms are designed for ease-of-use and high adaptability
Process Inspections
  • integrates with your existing data to prefill forms—even when offline
  • Forms dynamically adapt to the context using predefined workflows to autofill data and skip or hide questions
  • Automatically generate CAPAs plans as on-the-spot tasks or entire action plans that include due dates and criticality
  • Offline functionality makes inspections possible even without an internet connection
  • Display logic-based reference data in forms and show inspectors the right questions while hiding irrelevant ones
  • Embed images of violations, mark them up, and display them within submitted forms
Health and Safety Audits
  • Create forms for processes, property, and employee audits using deep customization tools
  • Generate specific corrective procedures can be generated at the end of an inspection for each violation
  • Improve regulatory compliance and ongoing education with daily checklists and ad hoc inspections
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