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Kaizen Audit Software
for Mobile-Offline and Online

Improve enterprise efficiency and workspace utilization on a digital platform built for process optimization

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Flexible Online Kaizen Audit Forms

Use’s flexible API to combine digital Kaizen audits with your current software and sync data across all your systems simultaneously.

Continuously Improve with Digital Kaizen Audits

Custom Kaizen Forms


  1. Migrate your paper and spreadsheet-based Kazien audits to adaptable digital forms
  2. Create workflows for continuous improvement by automatically triggering tasks, audits, and alerts
  3. Monitor, review, and act on audit results using an intuitive interface packed with powerful analytics
Offline Functionality


  1. Improve processes even in areas without an internet connection using a mobile app
  2. Use a device’s camera to capture, embed, and mark up images in forms
  3. Partially fill form data based on previous responses and offline data models
Continuously Improve


  1. Get more reliable data with forms that prefill GPS location, user login, date, and timestamps
  2. Display in-app feedback for predefined responses and prompt on-the-spot corrections
  3. Skip or show questions based on relevance and show only the parts of forms that suit the task
Adaptive Analytics


  1. Track efficiency over time and monitor task execution from the first audit to the implementation of new standards
  2. Visualize trends with’s intelligent analytics and BI Dashboards
  3. Highlight locations, processes, and workspaces that can be improved, then publish your findings to a contacts list
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