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Online and Offline Form App
for iPad

Digitize your manual processes and streamline data collection using a form app for iPad, Android, and Windows devices

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Automate Manual Processes With an iPad Form Builder

Form.com turns your manual operations into custom mobile forms for data collection and process optimization

Cloud-Based and Offline Supplier Audit Software

Build Electronic Solutions for Paper-Based Processes

Intuitive Form Creator


  1. Browse a collection of templates or tailor the logic, plugins, and appearance to meet your requirements
  2. Offer the app as your organization’s proprietary software by incorporating your branding
  3. Create, send, and modify forms that adopt your current data models, processes, and standards
Adaptable API


  1. Your current systems can “talk with” Form.com’s API using our deep and flexible integration
  2. Seamlessly share, receive, and coordinate tasks and data across discrete solutions
  3. Deploy your customized, offline-ready forms to users on iOS, Android, and Windows desktop devices
Offline Data Collection


  1. Users can download tasks, perform their duties offline, and publish complete forms once reconnected
  2. Show information in forms that demonstrates pass/fail conditions, suggested corrections, and next steps
  3. Partially fill or autofill data fields even when offline, such as the user’s login, date, timestamps, and location
Easy Data Visualization


  1. Make data-based decisions using deep analytics that offer a bird’s-eye view of your operations
  2. Use Form.com’s specialized BI Dashboards to visualize results in graphs and charts
  3. Reinforce your initiatives with longitudinal data and track trends over time
Cloud-Based Offline Forms Software - Form.com
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