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Internal Audit

Manage audits and monitor accountability with intelligent mobile software.

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Mobile Internal Audit Tool offers internal audit solutions that guarantee employee compliance, accelerate remediation procedures, and provide insight into behavioral patterns. Electronic Retail Audits overview video

Automate Accountability with an Internal Audit App

Automated Process Audits

Automate any manual process with a mobile app built for auditing oversight

  1. Prepopulate fields using contextual data like login credentials, GPS location, and time stamps.
  2. Generate corrective actions and workflows that initialize based on custom parameters
  3. Route audit reports to the right people automatically, inside and outside the company
Enterprise Solution

Manage employees, assets, and locations with intelligent internal audit solutions.

  1. Check up on locations, and launch audits and site-specific actions from anywhere
  2. Coordinate audit strategies or assign individual tasks with deadlines and criticality levels
  3. Collate data into a custom BI dashboard or a third-party solution for instant insight
Intelligent Mobile Forms

Track, monitor, and oversee audit workflow with intuitive mobile software

  1. Graduate from paper-based audits to an app for smart devices
  2. Maintain auditing accuracy with automatic form validation that prevents errors
  3. Empower auditors with a robust yet easy-to-understand interface
Instant Audit Reports

Oversee audit processes and ensure compliance with top-level task management

  1. Expedite approval processes, trigger follow-up tasks, and improve adherence to auditing standards
  2. Real-time alerts and automated workflow decrease time-to-decision
  3. Review completed audits with business intelligence tools that uncover trends over time
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