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Thoroughly Investigate Using
an Incident Management System

Upgrade your incident reports beyond a simple system of record with an integrated mobile platform that accelerates approvals and optimizes investigations

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Incident Management Software for Mobile Devices

From initial reporting to trend tracking, seamlessly integrates with your existing solutions to provide closed-loop support designed for your unique process

Respond to On-the-Job Incidents Quickly with Reactive Mobile Software

Get Reports Faster and Make Data-Driven Decisions in Real Time

Real-Time Reporting


  1. Know where, when, and how an incident occurred with on-the-spot, real-time data collection
  2. Capture images and observable evidence from the scene using photo markup and upload
  3. Send for the necessary approvals automatically using custom workflows that can integrate with existing systems
Clearly Document Incidents


  1. Provide standards for reporting with form-embedded reference info
  2. Ensure important details are accurate with autofilled fields from data models, GPS location, and timestamps
  3. From initial forms to final follow-up, remotely monitor each stage in the chain of command using a centralized interface
Offline and Field-Capable


  1. Users can sync their app once at the beginning of the day, then carry out their tasks and reports while completely offline
  2. When the connection is restored, the app syncs again, sending their stored form data and receiving new tasks, forms, and notifications
  3. Critical data points, such as reporting user, incident location, time, and date, automatically fill and follow custom logic even when offline
Robust APIs and Integration


  1. can interact and integrate with any existing solutions, seamlessly communicating with your third-party systems
  2. Collected reports can power your own analytics or populate a BI Dashboard that visualizes trends over time
  3. Demonstrate compliance with more than a simple system of record using cloud-based data that puts you in control of your process
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