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Hosting Options can be hosted in the cloud as SaaS application or self-hosted on premise. solutions are available through the following delivery models, SaaS (Software-as- a-Service), Shared Platform SaaS, Dedicated Server, and On-Premise (Self-Hosted). We help our customers select whichever hosting method makes sense for their specific business needs and technology requirements.


Shared Platform SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)

The SaaS delivery model lets you take advantage of without the expenses of hardware setup and maintenance. The hosted option insulates your company from labor-intensive installation processes, enabling you to launch the platform sooner.

The benefits of's on-demand SaaS option include:

  • Rapid implementation
  • Lower setup cost
  • No IT necessary
  • Easy upgrades and the most recent platform version is always available
  • Zero maintenance costs Guaranteed platform uptime and performance


While SaaS may be the right deployment for many companies, it may not be the right fit for enterprises looking for self-hosted solutions for integration or security purposes.’s self-hosted solution gives you full access to the platform while operating from within your own infrastructure. The on-premises approach receives support from experienced solutions experts and thorough documentation.

The benefits of's Self-Hosted option include:

  • Control of your data
  • Security on your own premises
  • Flexibility (integrate your own software, hardware, and platform)

Self-Hosting Services

  • Installation
    • Package your custom installation
    • Prepare the installation instructions
    • Provide ongoing support during and after installation (live chat, phone, GoToMeeting)
  • Maintenance
    • Provide patches, updates, and upgrades
    • Prepare update instructions
  • Consulting
    • Advice on software and hardware configurations for specific requirements
    • Advice on database server configuration
    • Advice on network and firewall configuration

Private Label

Both the SaaS and self-hosted models are available as a private label package. This package lets you customize your solution to match your brand identity so that you may present it as your won proprietary application.


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