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Improve On-Location Oversight
with Hospital Inspection Software

Use the industry’s leading HIPAA-compliant data collection software to automate paper and spreadsheet-based processes on a flexible mobile platform

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Customizable Hospital Inspection Forms for Any Process

Customize unique hospital inspection forms using an intuitive drag-and-drop forms creator featuring a library of templates, custom plugins, and world-class professional services

Drive Sales, Improve Efficiency, and Ensure Compliance on a Mobile Platform

  1. Collect and communicate important health care data on a HIPAA-compliant mobile platform
  2. Use a device’s camera to scan barcodes and attach images directly within completed forms
  3. Customize unique forms for your organization’s specific standards, processes, and workflows
  1. Display in-app regulatory standards, data protocols, and next steps automatically
  2. Ensure proper execution by recording when, where and by whom tasks are completed
  3. Send notifications to the right people when violations occur and prompt on-the-spot corrections
Digital Work Orders and Incident Reports


  1. Automatically assign tasks, forms, and action plans based on submitted inspection data
  2. Distribute work orders and forms through a User Portal with your company’s branding, colors, and logos
  3. Create workflows within that trigger events across all your systems simultaneously
Built-in Reporting and Deployment Options


  1. Use’s built-in reporting tools to uncover issues and communicate corrections
  2. Choose between cloud-based or on-premise deployment for an additional level of data security
  3. Manage user permissions to determine which employees are able to view or modify forms
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