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Form Design

Design your own forms using an easy, web-based interface that allows you to dive deep into the precise details of your process

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Create Custom Forms on a Powerful Platform

Deep customization options and intuitive design features put the power to create that pixel-perfect layout right at your fingertips

Easily Configure, Modify, and Distribute Forms for Your Unique Process

Create Custom Forms


  1. Work with an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface to tailor every element of your forms
  2. Customize the look, feel, and inner workings of your forms with endless design options
  3. Draw from a robust library of plugins and logical formulas, or invite our solutions team to develop custom elements for you
Workflows and Task Management


  1. Define workflows that activate task trees and intuitively route users through individual forms
  2. Send alerts, assign tasks, and automatically trigger events based on predefined responses
  3. Use in-app prompts to display suggested actions and best practices—even while offline
Automate Data Collection


  1. Forms automatically adapt to each user, task, and location using login info, previous responses, and GPS coordinates
  2. Take forms offline without missing a beat; users can access, fill, and store forms even without a connection
  3. Capture elements like signatures, images, barcodes, and GPS location with in-app plugins
Dashboards and Analysis


  1. Use your collected data to power third-party analytics or take advantage of’s BI Dashboards
  2. Easily benchmark, measure, and visualize trends within your organization
  3. Export your analysis and use it to drive decisionmaking for continuous improvement