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form builder software that gives you total control of your forms.
Form.com - Select your features

Select your features

Choose from a robust set of features to build the exact form your business needs. Drag and drop form elements into place and create an optimal user experience for capturing form data.

Let the experts at Form.com do the work for you. For those operations using a variety of different forms within a process or department, our team will build them all for you, ensuring flawless implementation and faster time to value.

Form.com - Arrange the look and feel Pic. 2

Arrange the look and feel

Make sure your form looks the way you need it to. Form.com offers advanced features to meet even the most complex branding requirements.

Easily import an existing CSS or start from scratch and include JavaScript to get it working the way you need it to. Make it your own with a custom URL or have our experts set you up with a completely private-labeled solution.

Form.com - Customize fields and drop-downs Pic. 1

Customize fields and drop-downs

Set up the input fields and drop-downs as you need them to create a seamless user experience. Enable auto-fill, skip and hide, or advanced logic to eliminate redundancy within the form.

Configure data models that work behind the scenes to ensure only the appropriate data and answer options are visible, even when the form is accessed offline, on a mobile device

Form.com - Synchronize submitted data Pic. 2

Synchronize submitted data

Automation is key. It can be as simple as sending confirmation emails once a form is submitted, or as complex as integrating with existing programs to create a bi-directional flow of information.

The Form.com API is extremely flexible making it easy to tie in with other systems creating a completely streamlined business process.

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