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Achieve Real-Time Reporting with Dynamic Forms and Dashboards

It’s impossible to make timely changes in the field if it takes weeks to act on collected data. By integrating our data collection solution, your existing IT systems, and a Business Intelligence dashboard, you can bring real-time updates to your reporting. Turn information into action and ensure your organization’s continuous improvement with Audit software overview video
User-Level Reporting

When forms are completed in the field, users can view the results and review feedback and action plans generated by the report.

  1. Form Scoring
  2. Create custom scoring systems and display the results at the end of each completed form

  3. Feedback
  4. Include feedback that addresses failing or low-scoring areas to correct issues

  5. Action Plans
  6. Publish action plans or single tasks with due dates and criticality levels after forms are submitted

Management/Executive-Level Reporting

By integrating with a business intelligence dashboard, can generate impactful reports on all the data you collect.

  1. Real-Time Updates
  2. Analyze collected data in real-time to see what’s happening right now, everywhere in your organization

  3. Trend Tracking
  4. Track trends and compare performance and quality over time, by location, or on a case-by-case basis

  5. Data Mapping
  6. Visualize data on a map and drill down into data sets to understand if things are getting better or worse: by region, inspection type, and more

Administrative Reporting

Improve field-to-office communication with advanced oversight that changes the way you manage your out-of-office teams.

  1. Task Monitoring
  2. Oversee your operations by tracking and monitoring task statuses and execution

  3. Response Management
  4. Easily see how many responses have been completed

  5. Follow-Up
  6. Respond to email alerts and assign follow-up tasks based on certain inspection results

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