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Mobile and Offline Food Safety
Inspection Software

Food service organizations and restaurant franchises can replace manual food safety processes with a streamlined, thorough, and reliable mobile app that works even when you go offline

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Design and Publish Your Unique Food Inspection Form

Implement custom forms that incorporate your organization’s specific standards, monitor issue resolution, and make data-driven decisions to prevent recurrence Inspection Video Tour v.2

Manage Food Safety and Quality Control Anytime, Anywhere

  1. Integrate the flexible API seamlessly with existing asset management systems
  2. Configure on-screen information that provides immediate remediation procedures for each issue
  3. Coordinate inspection schedules or assign individual tasks with deadlines and criticality levels
  1. Optimize food safety compliance and root cause analysis with an app for mobile devices
  2. Track which employees and locations are failing or meeting compliance standards
  3. Inspect facilities, food, and behavior to ensure regulatory and quality procedures are followed
Risk Based Inspection


  1. Ensure that risk assessments are accurate by seeing where they were done, when, and by whom
  2. Automatically generate action plans or individual tasks with due dates and criticality levels
  3. Rapidly issue notifications and assign tasks when risks are revealed by using automated workflows
Mobile Inspection


  1. Monitor locations, launch inspections, and initiate site-specific actions from anywhere
  2. Configure data models so that only relevant fields will appear and pre-populate forms
  3. Publish inspection results for approval automatically, or store them for future publication while offline
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