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Adaptable, Offline
Fire Inspection Software

Replace paper forms with a smart digital platform that logically routes users through their tasks and helps them make on-the-spot corrections— all while offline

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Intelligent Fire Inspection Forms for Mobile Devices

Capture signatures, automatically generate reports, and launch tasks based on predefined triggers

Cloud-Based and Offline Supplier Audit Software

Increase Efficiency and Improve Accuracy Using a Fire Inspection App

Intelligent Inspection App


  1. Complete detailed, customized fire inspection checklists that document violations with images and notes
  2. Guarantee accountability with signature capture from the occupant, fire inspector, or both
  3. Manage task assignment and execution using form logic, alerts, and offline workflows
Mobile-Optimized Forms


  1. Inspectors can take the app offline using Android, iOS, and Windows mobile devices
  2. Aggregate inspection results and automatically send a report to the occupant when completed
  3. Prefill user, location, and occupant info within forms to save time and ensure accuracy
Automated Data Collection


  1. Stay on track with automatic notifications for overdue inspections and compliance issues
  2. Display fire regulations within the form and prompt feedback for specific responses
  3. Route users through checklists, and show only items that suit the context, location, and task
Analysis and Oversight


  1. Track compliance issues with BI Dashboards
  2. See which areas or properties have code violations and how serious they are
  3. Monitor every property as it’s inspected in real time, then use your data to reinforce new initiatives
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