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Improve Your Field Operations with Mobile Forms

Work faster in the field with intelligent forms that change based on who you are, where you are, and what you’re doing. Built-in workflows route forms to appropriate parties for approval, and full integration with your existing system ensures that data gets where it needs to be faster than ever.

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Collect Valuable Data

Add value to your data with detailed in-form information.

  1. Capture and attach images as photo validation
  2. Mark up images to add notes and comments
  3. Digitally embed dates, timestamps, and GPS coordinates
  4. Automatically trigger follow-up tasks and actions based on information in completed forms
Work from Anywhere

Offline forms are easy to use and never stop working, even when you’re not connected to the internet.

  1. Forms can be completed even without an internet connection
  2. Work offline using iOS and Android smart devices or Windows laptops
  3. Never lose access to automated form features, including autofill and logic
  4. Task and workflow triggers are stored within data captured offline, then activated once forms sync to the server
Respond to Field Data

Improve your processes with automated forms that create logical user experiences.

  1. Trigger alerts and schedule inspections automatically
  2. Create actions and workflows that can be launched based on completed responses
  3. Generate predictions for preventive actions using set criteria
  4. Monitor performance improvements based on compliance data
Connect to the Office

Stay connected to the field and increase collaboration across the enterprise.

  1. Track, monitor, and manage statuses and task execution
  2. Drill down into Dashboards and view trend lines by time and location
  3. Analyze audit data in real-time to see what’s happening at ground level
  4. Export data via CSV, XML, SPSS, and PDF
Stay Connected to Your Field Operations - Form.com
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