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Offline Field
Inspection Software

Regain control of your field inspections with intuitive and transparent offline forms that track task completion from start to finish.

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Intelligent Field Inspections with Mobile Software

Get more from field inspections with cloud-based analytics and workflow that automate citation, correction, and prevention even while offline. Electronic Retail Audits overview video

Drive Your Processes with Data-Based Initiatives

  1. Pre-fill forms automatically with info like login, location, timestamps using offline data models
  2. Automate processes for efficiency, such as assigning follow-up tasks, sending notifications, and managing workflow
  3. Send alerts and in real time to notify the right people before issues escalate
  1. Drill down for deeper observations while offline and begin the next steps when the connection is restored
  2. Configure data models so that only relevant data will appear during an inspection
  3. Show contextual reference info forms to clearly demonstrate regulations even while offline
  1. Forms change dynamically based on the field location, inspector, and job
  2. Measure individual locations, workers, or processes against local or regional trends
  3. Embed images of observed evidence and mark them up within submitted forms
  1. Automate approval processes, assign follow-up actions, and publish inspections instantly
  2. Alerts and workflow automation shorten the time it takes to communicate and remedy issues
  3. Oversee every stage of your operations by tracking task assignment, execution, and completion
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