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Inspection of Equipment

Optimize equipment maintenance, utilization, and lifespan using a cloud-based online and offline app for inspections

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Customize Your Own Heavy Equipment Inspection Form gives you the tools to thoroughly and accurately inspect any type of equipment anywhere you go. Inspection Video Tour v.2

Automate Equipment Inspections with a Powerful Mobile App

Compliance Inspection


  1. Easily create or modify equipment forms to keep track of regulatory standards and maintenance schedules
  2. Quickly ascertain if compliance issues are isolated or widespread by analyzing local, regional, and global trends
  3. Pinpoint locations, employees, and assets that fall below or exceed standards using BI Dashboards
  1. Automate, monitor, and maintain inspection schedules and corrective actions for workplace compliance
  2. Offline functionality gives your inspectors the flexibility to visit even the most remote work sites
  3. Dig deeper into documented work site data with custom, business intelligence tools
Quality Assurance Inspection


  1. Conduct quality control inspections on iOS and Android smart devices
  2. Optimize inspections by displaying standards within forms and generating corrections automatically
  3. Create custom workflows to ensure quality processes include the necessary approvals and oversight
Mobile Inspection


  1. Time and date stamps, inspector, and mine info can be pre-populated in forms even offline
  2. Images can be captured, embedded within forms, and marked up to highlight issues
  3. Show reference information within forms for clarity and understanding, even while offline
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