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Enterprise Feedback Management

Collect, manage and leverage enterprise feedback data - Enterprise Feedback

Take your web and mobile feedback programs to the next level with an Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) solution that has the power, flexibility and business intelligence tools your process demands.

With, you get the industry’s most powerful data collection platform. offers the advanced features you need to collect, manage and leverage data all under one roof. Software is modular and can be configured with the exact solution you need including powerful reporting, integration, and workflow functionality.

Controlled Access and Single Sign-On (SSO)

  • Ensure the security and integrity of your data
  • Gain total control of who can see what
  • Keep a centralized access point to corporate processes

Maintain the integrity and security of your feedback data. lets you define access levels and permissions ensuring the right people have access to the right information. You have complete control over who can access, edit and distribute surveys, as well as, who can view and share survey results down to the individual user level. Single sign-on allows your users to log in once from your corporate site and automatically be logged into as well.

Corporate Branding and Private-labeling

  • Brand your solution with existing logos, colors and styling
  • Give your solution its own unique URL
  • Completely customize survey layout and backend functionality lets you present your EFM solution as if it were your own proprietary application. Advanced customization features enable you to completely customize the layout, look and feel of your surveys, reports and domains where your EFM solution will live. Maintain brand consistency with the option to use your existing CSS, host your solution on a unique URL, or even create custom skins for different departments.

Custom Reports and BI Dashboards

  • Multiple levels of reporting capabilities
  • Configure reports to track the data you care about
  • Drill down into or compare different sets of data

As fast as you can think up questions, can provide you the answers to them. Choose from a variety of reporting interfaces to get the business intelligence metrics you need, fast. From simple charts and graphs to dynamic drill down BI dashboards, offers the power in reporting you need to amaze management and drive more insightful business decisions.

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