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Streamlined Energy
Inspection Software

Replace paper-based energy inspections with a cloud-powered platform featuring behind-the-scenes workflows and built-in reporting

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Automate Energy Inspection Forms Using a Mobile Platform

Highlight, communicate, and remediate energy utilization issues using intelligent forms that automatically trigger user-defined events

Increase Inspection Speed, Accuracy, and Reliability

Adaptable Platform


  1. Create your own energy inspection forms on a powerful mobile platform
  2. Fill data fields automatically using info like GPS location, user login, and previous input
  3. Work with our professional services team to mold a solution that fits your process perfectly
  1. Take forms offline using a mobile app for Android, iOS, and Windows PC users
  2. Capture, highlight, and embed images of issues directly within inspection forms
  3. Prefill data like inspection date, timestamps, user, and location info even while offline
  1. Define workflows that operate in the background to send alerts and assign tasks
  2. Display on-screen prompts that provide contextual info and remediation procedures
  3. Walk users through each form logically, skipping irrelevant info and showing only the right questions
Reporting and Workforce Management


  1. Maintain administrative oversight and track tasks from assignment to execution
  2. Use the app’s built-in reporting feature to highlight concerns and detect trending issues
  3. Analyze your data with longitudinal and latitudinal data to uncover potential blind spots
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