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Automate Manual Operations Using a Digital Platform takes you paper and spreadsheet-based processes and transforms them into intuitive, mobile-optimized forms. Electronic Retail Audits overview video

Streamline Processes with Easy-to-Use Electronic Forms Software

  1. Browse premade layouts or tailor the form's logic, aesthetic, and plugins to your needs
  2. Present a personalized package as your own company app by using your unique branding
  3. Generate, deploy, and alter any number of forms with their own diverse data sets
  1. Define workflows that trigger when specific responses are received or conditions are met
  2. Send email updates, schedule tasks, and launch action plans automatically
  3. Automate tasks assignment that triggers based on predefined parameters, responses, or completed forms
  1. Prepopulate fields like login, location, and timestamps based on the context and custom logic
  2. Speed up approvals, generate follow-up actions, and build a cloud-based system of record
  3. Nearly instant notifications and workflow automation decrease the time it takes to correct issues
  1. Each form dynamically adjusts based on the site, user, and process to optimize operations
  2. Measure locations, employees, or processes against local, regional, and global numbers with BI dashboards
  3. Monitor task statuses and execution from beginning to end using tracking tools and workflow management
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