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Mobile EHS Software for
Any Industry

Automate manual EHS processes and streamline health and safety inspections with offline and cloud-based operations

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Optimize Inspection Processes with Offline EHS Management Software

Identify, eliminate, and prevent compliance issues in the field even without an internet connection Electronic Retail Audits overview video

Make Data-Driven Decisions with Integrated EHS Audit Software

  1. Guarantee that EHS inspections follow procedure by seeing where, when, and by whom they were completed
  2. Build, manage, and modify quality inspection forms that follow your unique custom logic and workflows
  3. Quickly issue notifications and assign tasks using automated workflows when EHS issues occur
  1. Replace your spreadsheets and paper-based processes with a platform for smart devices
  2. Control individual facility inspections, launch action plans, and initiate follow-up tasks using a central interface
  3. Distribute inspection results for approval, or store them for automatic delivery if offline
  1. Collect deep data, then automatically launch next steps when connected again
  2. Define data models so that only contextual data is shown within forms, while irrelevant questions are hidden
  3. Show suggested corrections and proper procedures within forms even while offline
  1. Develop and manage your own EHS inspection forms to suit your unique processes
  2. Track if EHS issues are getting better or worse over time using analytics
  3. Highlight sites, processes, and assets that fail to meet OSHA or EHS standards using BI Dashboards
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