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Mobile EHS Software for
Any Industry

Automate manual EHS processes and streamline health and safety inspections with offline and cloud-based operations

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Optimize Inspection Processes with Offline EHS Management Software

Identify, eliminate, and prevent compliance issues in the field even without an internet connection

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Make Data-Driven Decisions with Integrated EHS Audit Software

Safety Audits


  1. Ensure that EHS inspections are complete by seeing where they were done, when, and by whom
  2. Easily create or modify quality inspection forms and add reference info to adapt to changing standards
  3. Quickly issue notifications and assign tasks using automated workflows when EHS issues occur
Mobile Forms


  1. Upgrade from paper-based forms to an app for smartphones, tablets, and Windows PCs
  2. Monitor facilities, launch EHS processes, and initiate location-specific actions anywhere
  3. Publish inspection results for approval or store them offline for future publication automatically
Offline Data Collection


  1. Gather rich observational data, then automatically launch next steps when connected again
  2. Configure data models so only relevant data will sync and pre-populate forms
  3. Display reference information within forms for clarity and understanding even while offline
OSHA Compliance


  1. Easily create or modify OSHA inspection forms to keep track of changing needs and regulations
  2. Quickly understand if EHS issues are isolated or widespread by analyzing local, regional, and global trends
  3. Pinpoint locations, employees, and assets that aren’t meeting OSHA standards using BI Dashboards
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