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WorldAPP Analytics


WorldAPP has teamed up with MarketSight, a leader in online data analysis, to create a powerful reporting solution that offers even more functions and features than’s already robust tool set:


  • Powerful statistical analysis of collected data
  • Unlimited easy to read crosstabs
  • Automatic significance testing and highlighting of statistically significant results
  • Create great-looking charts
  • Export charts as Microsoft Office objects to PowerPoint and other Microsoft Office tools
  • Custom PowerPoint templates
  • Import data from with a single click
  • Easy-to-use point and click interface
  • Sharing results


  • WorldAPP Analytics will intuitively determine the most appropriate statistical significance test for your data and will automatically apply it to your crosstab so that you will immediately see the key differences in the respondent groups being compared.
  • WorldAPP Analytics has excellent support for Microsoft Office tools, allowing you to seamlessly export charts and tables into Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. Charts are exported as native Microsoft Office objects enabling you to customize their appearance and edit the data behind them within Microsoft Office. Support for PowerPoint templates allows you to easily apply your corporate template to charts exported from WorldAPP Analytics.
  • WorldAPP Analytics allows you to share analysis and results with other users easily and securely as it is completely web based and allows flexible user permissions management and secure access to the survey analysis data.


WorldAPP Analytics is an additional reporting integration that can be added to your existing account. With the push of a button, your previously collected data can be imported into this new reporting environment.

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