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SELF-HOSTED (Survey/Form Software on a Self-Hosted Model)

A self-hosted installation of offers the highest level of security and assurance. The software resides on your own servers, the data is tracked through your server, and your enterprise information exists solely on and is only accessible from your server.


    Installation – installing application on the client servers
  • Prepare the installation package
  • Prepare the installation instructions (if hosted on client premises)
  • Provide guidance and support during installation (live support, phone, go-to-meeting)
    Maintenance – updating the application after the new release:
  • Prepare update files (patch)
  • Prepare update instructions (if hosted on client premises)
    Consulting – providing advice and guidance needed to get best results
  • Advise software and hardware configuration to meet specific /unique customer requirements
  • Advise on DB server configuration to work with the application
  • Advise on optimal network and firewall configuration


  • Control
  • Security
  • Flexibility (choose software hardware platform etc.)


  • Maintain privacy/security
  • Application fits into existent software/hardware environment

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