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Multi-Tenant Administration

Keep sensitive information from being accessed by inappropriate parties. provides several layers of security/permissions to give complete management authority to administrators.


  • Create templates for sub-users
  • Review and authorize forms prior to launch
  • Assign submission limits for sub-users
  • Copy forms between accounts
  • Maintain independent data "silos" between sub-users
  • Control a group of users with shared responsibility on multiple projects with precision
  • Limit functions within the application such as the ability to create/launch/build reports/etc.
  • Create groups of users within the same account and manage permissions by group
    Enterprise Admin
  • Create Multi-User, Multi-Access and Sub-User accounts and manage their feature sets
  • Search and filter user accounts easily based on multiple criteria
  • Control Workgroup hierarchy and permissions


  • Control
  • Security
  • Manage users and prevent unnecessary errors
  • Ensure that corporate styles and question templates are used
  • Ensure that confidential data is viewed only by those with proper permissions


  • Save Time
  • Ensure Brand Consistency
  • Maintain Privacy/Security
  • Reduce Form Fatigue

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