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Executive Summary



Company Profile

WorldAPP, Inc. is a privately held company that has been providing online data collection technology to enterprises worldwide since 2001.

WorldAPP constantly enhances and extends its technology so that it can help its customers meet any requirement their enterprise may face. This calls for unusually quick, agile and dynamic development. Customers have come to perceive WorldAPP technology not as something solid and static, but as a dynamically-evolving solution.

WorldAPP is known for these strengths:

  • Vision: WorldAPP recognizes that the old method of solving data management problems with point solutions won’t work long term because of their inherent inflexibility. Today’s data collection technology must be modular and extensible.
  • Flexibility: WorldAPP’s data collection technology can be constructed, deployed and reused virtually on-demand and easily integrated enterprise-wide across heterogeneous platforms.
  • Scalability: WorldAPP serves the Global 2000, higher education and government — any number of users can conduct any number of surveys in any number of languages.
  • Experience: WorldAPP has been an integral part of over 10,000 data collection projects.

Example Engagement

A global law firm with over 1,000 lawyers and thousands of administrative staff spread throughout 18 offices worldwide engaged WorldAPP to conduct an assessment of their global processes and employee satisfaction. The engagement included creating the online version of their assessment in a fully branded version of the Key Survey application so as to maintain affinity. The assessment was custom programmed by the WorldAPP Professional Services team including several layers of complex logical transitions to ensure that employees saw only questions relevant to their positions. The survey was created in 11 different languages and distributed globally by the WorldAPP team. Custom dashboard reports were designed to illustrate comparative data across all positions, areas of business, etc. This information was also presented comparatively against legacy data collected by another organization for the last 5 years. These reports provide a roll-up view as well as a granular level of detail so the firm can obtain true actionable conclusions by dissecting the data any way they choose, quickly and easily.



WorldAPP's main focus in 2009 and beyond is to become the most agile and extensible data collection software available. In order to provide this, WorldAPP has created an extraordinarily flexible Web Service API library (SOAP based) which allows developers to use virtually any platform to interact with Java, .NET, Perl, PHP, Python, OCAML, Ruby, etc.

Using the Key Survey API, WorldAPP clients can achieve the following and more:

  • Create and Manage users — access levels, permissions, etc.
  • Create surveys/forms from scratch
  • Launch surveys/forms to specified distribution lists
  • Trigger surveys/forms based on event driven data within other databases e.g. closed support ticket for a help desk
  • Auto-fill information in surveys/forms from existing Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRMs)/Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERPs)/Databases(DBs)
  • Create and/or Update information in existing CRMs/ERPs/DBs

Architecture is a Java (J2EE) based platform that can be run in virtually any environment of web servers/application servers/databases (IIS/Websphere/Apache/Tomcat/DB2/Oracle/MSSQL.) The application has been designed to allow for scaling to meet increasing demands by having separate modules/servers to handle different pieces of the survey process including: Main Application, Voting, Reporting, Database, Mail(SMTP), etc.

Additionally, WorldAPP has taken a modular approach to development, resulting in an agile, responsive core product that can rapidly change to accommodate dynamic market needs. By taking this approach, new functionality or "plug-ins" can be conceived, architected, developed, tested and released in weeks instead of months.

Some examples of rapldly developed functionality recently added to the core application include:

  • IP Address saver — collects IP address, Latitude, Longitude, Country, Region, City, Postal Code, etc.
  • Ability to randomize sections of questions (in addition to answer choices and all questions)
  • Time access restrictor — e.g. form only available from 9:00am — 8:00pm EST
  • CAPTCHA Validation — requires human interpretation of an alphanumeric code to prevent robots from submitting data
  • Google Maps Mash up — plotting of respondents (using information collected from IP plugin)
  • Slider — Use a visual slide bar to make a rating or selection instead of fixed radio buttons



WorldAPP’s CEO Cal Brown and CTO Stan Liachev were among technology’s earliest pioneers in the migration of data management from desktop to cloud-based computing.

Prior to founding WorldAPP, Cal Brown founded a number of software publishing and internet companies, including — the Internet's leading source for compensation data. Stan Liachev Ph.D, has twenty years of experience designing and developing client-server and web environment applications.

Any criteria for partner selection must consider three requirements: core application functionality, the long term product roadmap and the depth of experienced systems architects and developers within the partner organization.

With a focus on our core competencies — data collection, data presentation and data integration — WorldAPP recognizes that larger enterprises always need process-specific custom development to truly satisfy their requirements. At the same time, WorldAPP recognizes that data management technology is evolving too rapidly along too many dimensions for any single provider to be able to deliver a complete proprietary solution. The question then becomes how flexibly and creatively can an organization’s technology adapt to unique configurations? WorldAPP’s strength lies in the ability to rapidly configure and integrate disparate leading technologies to solve unique customer problems.

WorldAPP's charter is to deliver to each customer an optimized, tailored solution to meet their needs be it out-of-the box or outside-the-box.



WorldAPP has been providing its services as both a self-hosted solution as well as software as a service (SaaS) for as long as it has been licensing software.

In order to meet the growing demand of enterprises worldwide, WorldAPP provides its services in several models:

  • Client Self Host
  • Private Hosting (by WorldAPP) separate architecture (hardware & software)
  • Private Labeling (shared system, custom domain & logo within the application to mimic proprietary software)
  • Shared system — standard SaaS offering

WorldAPP has well over 1,000 subscribing organizations with some organizations utilizing as many as 500+ seats for their employees. This high volume of subscribers providing continuous feedback allows for continuous improvement of the product and services.


Development Experience

WorldAPP began in 2001 with a single goal in mind — build whatever the marketplace demanded and was not provided by the hundreds of "out-of-the-box" survey software products on the market. As more and more custom requests were completed, Key Survey quickly became a market leading product for market research and data collection.

Thanks to the high demand for custom functionality, there was no shortage of requests for new projects. The struggle became how to scope, develop, QA and support hundreds of new features per year. Another consideration was the size of the organization that was reaching out to WorldAPP for services. Originally Key Survey was being used for small research projects and it was quickly being demanded by several departments globally across Global 2000 organizations.

In order to cope with the functionality and scalability demands, WorldAPP architected a modular application which allows for release of custom features within weeks instead of months or years.

As demand for data collection became more sophisticated, it was clear that the linear layout provided by survey software was not going to meet many of the complex needs by Fortune 500 companies, higher education and Government — particularly for compliance questionnaires that may contain hundreds of questions. For this reason, WorldAPP developed a second data collection instrument with the flexibility to completely customize the layout of questionnaires using a simple drag & drop interface — Extreme Form (

In addition to the capabilities of the core application, WorldAPP recognizes the rapid development of hundreds of industry-leading applications across the globe and accepts that it cannot be "everything to everyone." With this in mind, rather than trying to reinvent the wheel and compete on dozens of fronts, a commitment was made to becoming the most flexible and extensible data collection solution on the market.

To ensure WorldAPP's customers are always on the leading edge with technology, we are aggressively pursuing partnerships with several firms to integrate natively with their applications so that we may offer their services to our customers as an OEM. Some examples are:

WorldAPP is also actively pursuing a partnership that will allow for point and click integration with any web-accessible application including:

  • Additional CRMs — Siebel, Oracle CRM, NetSuite, etc.
  • Personnel Management Systems (PMS) — PeopleSoft, etc.
  • DBs — SQL, Oracle, DB2, etc.

WorldAPP is currently delivering the 7th major version of its software (version 7.1.) Minor application upgrades/updates are applied bi-weekly to anyone on the shared system and those on private instances are maintained with 1-2 upgrades per year depending on Service Level Agreements.



WorldAPP currently serves thousands of users in dozens of countries from 6 continents. In order to serve them most effectively, the following is provided:

  • 24/7 Support for Administrators, 24/5 for Users
  • Ability to distribute forms/surveys in any language and capture any language including double-byte characters such as Arabic or Chinese.
  • 6 offices worldwide — Boston, Raleigh, Dallas, London, South Africa & Ukraine


Localized support for US, UK, & Europe providing:

  • Unlimited LiveChat support via instant messaging
  • Unlimited Phone support
  • Professional Services
    • Form Creation
    • Form Design
    • Campaign Management
    • Consultation on instrument design/methodology


Training is provided in the following ways:

  • Intuitive Help File
  • Online Flash-based Training Series
  • Webinar training series
  • Personalized Web Training
  • Onsite Training



Being a pioneer and world leader in technology comes with its own set of challenges. One of those challenges is managing a never ending stream of requests for product improvements, as well as the urge to jump on the next fad.

WorldAPP has many policies and technologies in place to maximize the benefits of innovation from all levels — front line employee, CEO, customers, etc. while maintaining the consistency and quality of our core product offerings.

Formal quarterly steering committee meetings are one example where issues such as platform, delivery model, service model, major policies, etc. are discussed.

It is WorldAPP's intention to continually research hardware, software and methodologies that will provide the highest level of stability, speed, security and usability.


WorldAPP Team

  • Team Leader/Account Manager
  • Primary Project Manager
  • Ancillary Project Managers
  • Senior Solutions Engineer
  • Developers
  • Business Development Manager
  • Technical Support team



When an organization is making an enterprise-wide change for data collection, it is important to make the transition as seamless as possible. One of the most critical elements in transitioning between platforms is migration of archived/benchmark data.

WorldAPP uses a phased approach to implementations:

  • Phase I — Kick-off meeting
    • Define Configuration Settings for account (custom URL, Logo, SSL, etc.)
    • Define Administrators, users, hierarchy of permissions
    • Exploration of legacy system functions/workflow — plan replication
    • Exploration of capabilities, identify customization needs
    • Specification of Dashboard Reports (and all custom elements)
    • Specification of Integration Requirements
    • Preliminary Admin & User Training
  • Phase II — Account configuration
    • Registration and mapping (if applicable) of custom URL
    • Branding of landing page, application logo, style library templates, etc.
    • Creation of Legacy forms within
    • Upload of Legacy data
    • Creation of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document
    • Creation of Dashboard Reports
    • Web-based Training
  • Phase III — Custom Development
    • QA/Test and publication of Dashboard Reports
    • Development/QA/Test of Custom Functionality
    • Development/QA/Test of Integrations
  • Phase IV — Ongoing Support
    • Release of all developed functionality, dashboards & integrations
    • Ongoing training, consulting, professional services


Example of a Recent Engagement

A top two privately owned insurance broker approached WorldAPP to supply a data collection technology that would suit all users from IT to first line managers. Their challenges were many including the use of over a dozen different data collection tools across the organization, work being duplicated interdepartmentally, data being collected but never used and major security concerns managing data and no transparency to upper level management.

By partnering with WorldAPP, they were able to unify their data collection processes and standardize many workflows that were untraceable in the past. Using administrative controls within the software, IT was able to set permissions to ensure C-Level & VP teams had the data they needed quickly and easily in a dashboard format, without security concerns. Dozens of previously manual processes were automated using email alert notifications and workflows within the tool.

List of Select Customers

  • AAA Life Insurance
  • Accenture
  • Adventist Health System
  • Allman Horrocks Consulting Ltd.
  • Allstate
  • Amegy Bank
  • America First Credit Union
  • American Urological Association
  • Anchor Trust
  • Association for Financial Professionals
  • Bank of England
  • Bank of Montreal
  • Boston Scientific
  • Brit Insurance
  • Cardinal Health
  • Center for Health and Public Policy Studies
  • CFS Consulting Group
  • City of Chicago Department of Public
  • Health & EKI Consulting
  • CNA Insurance
  • Collaborative Consulting
  • Colorado Health Institute
  • Commerce Insurance
  • Conservation Services Group
  • COUNTRY Financial
  • Creative Edge Consulting
  • Davies Managed Systems
  • de Poel Consulting
  • Deutsche Bank AG
  • Elan Pharmaceuticals
  • Family Home Health Services, Inc.
  • FMI Corporation
  • Franciscan Skemp Healthcare
  • Gotham Consulting Partners
  • Health Alliance Plan
  • Health Forum
  • Ideal Health Inc
  • International Trade Administration
  • International SOS
  • John Hancock
  • Kaleel Jamison Consulting
  • Leavitt Consulting
  • Lockton
  • Maxim Healthcare
  • McLaughlin Brunson Insurance
  • Medical Protection Society
  • MetroPlus Health Plan
  • Munich Re
  • National Leisure Group
  • Nevada Hospital Association
  • Novartis
  • Ochre House
  • Oregon Health & Science University
  • Organic
  • Partners Healthcare
  • Pharmaceutical Product Development
  • Prospera Credit Union
  • Provident Loan Society of New York
  • QPI Legal
  • Renown Health
  • RFG Marketing
  • Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union
  • SMT Health Systems
  • Spacelabs
  • Specsavers International Healthcare Ltd
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • The Association of British Healthcare
  • Industries
  • The Communicators, Inc.
  • The Hartford
  • Thompson Consulting Group
  • Tufts Health Plan
  • U.S. Bankruptcy Court
  • UnumProvident
  • Valley Health System
  • Veris Consulting. LLC
  • Vineyard Bank
  • Virgin Money
  • Wachovia
  • Yale New Haven Health System
  • Z Retail Marketing Inc.

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