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Deployment Options


Easy Setup, Easy Deployment offers a complete range of options for capturing data from the exact point in the business process your organization requires. Managing and streamlining this flow of data collection and data distribution across the enterprise speaks directly to the strength of’s core functionality.

Software Application Deployment Options

SaaS Cloud
Host data on’s secure database servers, which are co-located in state-of-the-art storage facilities. These facilities have the latest in redundant power, environmental control and networking technology and have security staff on-site around the clock.
Self Host
If you like the security of absolute control, this is the option for you.
Hybrid Cloud
When you select this deployment option, we install a complete solution on a server and ship it directly to you. There is no setup and you still host all data on-site. We make implementation easy.
Private Label
The Private Label package focuses on branding a solution to meet your identity needs, providing you with an enterprise product that seamlessly integrates with your company presence.

Form Deployment Options

Unline what you get with point solutions, today’s data collection technologies must be modular and extensible end-to-end solutions. With this in mind, offers a multitude of form deployment options.

Text, audio, even video may be captured electronically through any internet site or via your intranet. Direct users to the site in any way and require them to enter identification details in order to participate in the form. Record and validate respondent IP addresses against a company database (using API calls) and tie IP addresses to existing respondent information (such as the name of the individual at the IP address). Import and connect the related information to the form. Choose from the following Internet distribution options:
Link to Form on Website
Provide a link to your form on your website or intranet.
Embed Form into a Webpage
Display your form on any webpage of your website or intranet.
Pop-up Form
Display your form in a pop-up window for each visitor or for every certain numbered visitor to your website. This feature can monitor IP addresses of voters, consequently controlling duplicate responses.
Send an email invitation to your form in plain text or use HTML elements to design and compose your emails to match your branding efforts. Provide the ability for respondents to ‘Opt out’ from future mailings.
Customize ‘From’ and ‘To’ fields, personalize email text with imported respondent data, set priority levels, and specify return email addresses.
Choose from the following email distribution options:
Unique Form Link
Distribute your form to email addresses you specify. This feature allows you to compose an email, define the distribution list and set anonymity. Each respondent receives an email with a unique link to your form. The form URL begins with the Application domain name.
Unique Form Link with Password Protection
Using this option, you combine two distribution methods (for one launch) and secure your form with individual passwords. Each respondent receives an email with a unique link to your form. Respondents who do not have email access can navigate to your "Master Link" and still use a secure password to access the form.
Embedded HTML Code
Distribute and display your form within the body of an email message. This feature allows respondents to take and submit the form directly from their email application.
IP Address Link
Using this link option hides the Application domain name (inside the form link) and replaces it with the IP address of our server.
Private Label
With this package, you can use your own domain name or IP address in your form link.
AutoFill from URL
Use this feature to pre-populate form fields with imported respondent data, which was collected in a different web form.
Mobile and Tablet Devices
Use mobile devices to distribute your form. Form results are uploaded and stored with existing online data.

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