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Offline Data Entry
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Collect, send, and receive forms for any process using a cloud-based mobile app that keeps working wherever you go, including offline.

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Put Your Forms to Work with a Mobile Data Entry Application

Put the information you already gather to work by replacing spreadsheets and paper forms with intuitive data collection and trend analysis tools. Electronic Retail Audits overview video

Create the Perfect Data Entry Forms for Your Unique Process

Automated Data Entry


  1. Dates and timestamps, user, location, and other info automatically prefill data fields
  2. Custom form logic intelligently routes users through contextual options while hiding irrelevant data
  3. Display regulations, reference material, and recommended corrections for specific responses
Offline Mobile App


  1. Take your digital forms offline on a mobile app for Android, iOS, and Windows PC
  2. Capture, store, and submit images along with forms for reference and understanding
  3. Timestamps, login, and location info can pre-populate data fields even while offline
Process Optimization


  1. Configure automated workflows that accelerate data collection processes
  2. Collect and analyze process data using a BI dashboard that shows where things are getting better or worse
  3. Monitor trends over time by location, employee, region, and more
Real-time Reports


  1. Monitor specific processes or action plans from initiation to execution and assign site-specific tasks from anywhere
  2. Gather data in real time and quickly analyze reports as they arrive in a BI dashboard
  3. Clearly highlight areas for improvement and share your findings from a seamless user interface
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