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Cloud-Based Data
Capture Software

Deploy automated forms for your unique process with a cloud-powered app that sends, receives, and analyzes data — even offline

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Accelerate Your Forms with Data Capture Software

Speed up your data capture process with integrated reporting, task management, and workflows that adapt to any process

Create the Perfect Data Capture Forms for Your Unique Process

Location Audits


  1. Offline functionality allows audits even without an internet connection
  2. Take photos, attach them to forms, draw on them, and add annotations
  3. Display specific standards or reference info within your forms that appear based on responses and context
Data Capture App


  1. Increase on-location visibility using an app built to automate data capture in the field
  2. Autofill critical info like timestamps, login info, GPS location, and site info
  3. Submitted forms trigger email alerts, notifications, and follow-up tasks
Workflows and Analysis


  1. Implement offline workflows that allow users to view standards, suggested corrections, and next steps
  2. Alert the responsible parties, assign tasks, and manage approvals based on user responses
  3. Direct and assign individual audits, monitor performance, and analyze trends
Data Security & Permissions


  1. Control access to vulnerable data using your choice of on-premise or protected cloud hosting
  2. Determine what who can see or modify files with robust user permissions
  3. Designate various sub-levels to authorize access for different user categories
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