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Custom Development

Our professional services team will create your perfect solution. - Custom development for deep configurations Pic. 1

Customize for the enterprise offers modular core technology with a team of architects and developers that will bring your ideal solution to life. Achieve business process objectives faster and at a lower cost than traditional development thanks to a fully supported platform. - Custom development for deep configurations Pic. 2

Javascript for custom functionality

JavaScript is used to alter how the form looks or behaves. Perform calculations within a question or a set of questions and display results real-time (e.g. calculate BMI – Body Mass Index based on height/weight/sex/age input). Instantly hide/show questions or answer options based on previous responses or a custom condition (e.g. do you comply with this standard – if no, show a comment box to capture additional information). - Custom development for deep configurations Pic. 3

Custom Integration through API Calls

Create a bi-directional communication bridge between applications. With the API, you can auto-fill information in forms, pass data back to your CRM/ERP, and trigger additional forms, events, and workflows. - Custom development for deep configurations Pic. 4

Enterprise portals for centralization

Work with the experts at to define, develop, and deploy a complete web environment that becomes the hub for your data-driven business processes. Living on a unique URL, an enterprise portal will give you total control to manage forms, users, reports, and how people interface with processes.

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