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Completely control all contact and user data in one place.
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Grouping Your Data

The Contact Manager inside Form.com is a central repository where you can view, manage, and edit contacts, users, and workgroup information. It incorporates an address book, user database, and data storage all in place. You can upload existing data and configure the exact fields or groups to align with your business.

Group Types:

  • User Type (customer, employee, vendor, etc.)
  • Region
  • Account History
  • Or input your own custom fields

Form.com - Configuration and Nested Viewing

Configuration and Nested Viewing

You can configure the Contact Manager to display only those fields you deem relevant. Setting these views allows you to search, sort and create complex filters on as many fields as you need. Since all contact records are web-based searching through thousands of contacts can be done instantly.

  • Create custom lists that are easy to manipulate
  • Lump large lists of data into searchable categories
  • Deploy forms to different user groups at the same time using flexible scheduling

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