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Put Safety First and Paper Forms Behind You

Keep all of your projects on track and under-budget with powerful mobile technology.

Mobile and Offline Inspection Software for Engineering and Construction is a flexible mobile solution that connects your worksites directly to your central office, giving you the tools and insight to get the job done. Inspections overview video
  • Create forms for personnel, property, equipment, and vehicle inspections with fully customizable criteria to ensure that all regulations are met
  • Automatic notifications can be sent to appropriate parties when violations are found
  • At the end of an inspection, specific remediation procedures can be generated for each violation
  • Ensure OSHA compliance with self-audits, checklists, and inspections
  • Use smart phones or tablets to replace paper-based inspections
  • Take and place pictures directly into forms
  • Automate calculations, scoring, and recommended actions
  • Show compliance regulations and recommendations for specific scenarios
  • Submitted forms show where and when an employee filled them out with GPS and time stamps
  • Upload images to forms and mark them up
  • Route reports to the right people, in and outside the company
  • Track trends over time to improve adherence to regulatory compliance measures
Change Orders
  • Instantly alert appropriate parties after submission
  • Capture e-signatures with time and date stamps
  • Configure approval processes for each job
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